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About Caroline Rodenbach

 Personal Development Coach & Health Practitioner


 Caroline Rodenbach is the founder of PTC and passionate about empowering people, helping with stress issues and teaching you tools to succeed in business and life in general.

Her purpose is to introduce mindfulness in the corporate world, schools, and at home in order to create balance and peace.

She is a french qualified nurse who studied Traditional Chinese Medicine,

Neuro Linguistic Programming, Life coaching, Mind Power, Hypnosis,

Reiki Master and Alternative Healing practices.

With more than 30 years of professional and personal experiences, she has learned and teaches to master emotional and physical issues.

Through her guidance, you can achieve your highest potential at work and in all aspects of life.

She can boost your confidence by teaching you simple but effective techniques to unlock deep emotional issues that slow down your progress to access higher achievements. 

PTC will provide you with the necessary tools to forever be in control of your destiny. 


Believe you are awesome!


Why use Personal Transformation Centre?

I can help with

Personal Transformation Centre 
Workshops & Seminars
Corporate or Private sessions
 Personal Development Coach
& Health Practitioner
    Hypnosis (non medical) ~ Positive  Mind Power       
 Addictions & Detox support   
Reiki Master
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 Corporate & Private 
Self Development Seminars
PTC organizes regular seminars and workshops to teach individuals to improve
potential, motivationhealth, vitality, attitude and effectiveness at work.
PTC seminars will teach you a life changing concept that you need to know in order to achieve your goals, be happy and live a wonderful fulfilled life.

This seminar is based on Neuro-sciences, Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Mind Power.
It teaches you how to reach your full potential, and improve your relationships, health and finances.

. Empower yourself, be confident and get your vitality back.
. Master your mind, motivation, effectiveness and achievement.
. Break free from limitations and improve your personal vision.
. Define how you function and what you need to be fulfilled.

. Choose the best influences to support your progress. 

Transformation Coaching & Counselling
Private sessions online or at the practice
PTC's purpose is to guide you to improve all aspects of your life; health, relationships, finances and potential.
 By regaining your power, setting a goal, opening your heart, releasing deep emotional issues, introspecting your beliefs and values. You can be happy and in control of your destiny.
We often think that our self-esteem and confidence is strong, however the outcomes in life show us that we can still make progress. This is where PTC will help you.

Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are very negative feelings affecting your health, your attitude and outcome in life.

It can slow down your evolution and achievements.

It lowers your energy, affects your immune system and your sleep pattern creating many health related issues.

PTC can help you to recognize the source of your stress / anxiety and teaches you simple techniques to control these emotions. You are the master of your emotions.

PTC can work on specific pressure points to balance your energy in order to make you feel balanced, peaceful, and happy.

Anger management

It is natural to feel angry to express what you don't tolerate, but it is crucial to calm yourself down as soon as you have expressed your emotions in order to move on.

Anger, resentment and frustration are very negative feelings affecting your mood and relationships, but also your general health. 

If you stay in this state for a long period of time, it creates stagnation of energy and can lead to high blood pressure, PMS, depression, stroke, heart attack, muscle tension, chronic disease or cancer.

Learning to express your anger with wisdom is even more powerful.

Addictions / Acudetox

Acudetox is the most powerful method of detoxing the human body. It is a protocol created by Dr Wen in Hong Kong and was used to tackle a huge addiction problem in New York.

Acudetox is used for all sorts of addictions such as; drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, medications, sugar...

It helps to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms and cravings when people quit their bad habits.

Acudetox creates a physical and an emotional release leading to recovery from any chronic disease or mental illnesses.

It is also very effective in order to lose weight or even as a prevention to any negative physical condition, as it helps to get rid of toxins.

Health issues
Our body and mind are connected and influences each other; our health starts in our mind. 
Being positive and happy is essential to stay healthy.

Our life style, our diet, our emotional state, sleep patterns, and activities have a direct impact on our body but on our mind too!

If we carry negative emotions like anger, frustration, fear, guilt and worry...we become ill.

PTC can restore your energy balance and improve your physical and emotional state. 

Helping with:

Ache, Inflammation & pain, Stress & anxiety related issues, Sleep issues, Chronic fatigue, Allergy / sinus, High blood pressure, Mood issues, Memory & concentration, Migraines / headaches, Fertility issues, Weight management, Skin and hair problems, and many more...

Chronic Fatigue

 Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a common condition that causes extreme fatigue or tiredness that doesn’t improve with rest.

   The most frequent symptoms are:

  • Poor concentration and short-term memory

  • Erratic sleep patterns and waking up tired

  • Muscle tension and chronic pain

  • Dizziness

  • General weakness often accompanied by sore throat and swollen lymph nodes

  • Intolerance to noise, light, smells or external stimulus

  • Digestive discomfort

  • Numbness or pins-and-needles feelings

Pain relief / Body alignment

 Manual lymph drainage / Reiki

Pain is a symptom of a body imbalance or build up of toxins.

It can be caused by physical or emotional stress creating inflammation or tensions.

It is essential to treat the cause in order to re-establish a healthy and happy body.

PTC can use body alignment, massage, pressure points, manual lymph drainage or energetic techniques to relieve pain and its cause.

Caroline Rodenbach is a Medical Intuitive whom can connect on the higher level in order to remove negative energy and heal the Soul.

Illustrated Rosemary

Seminars    ~    Workshops   ~    Classes


Module 1 Personal Transformation

~ 3 hours ~


Master your mind.

You are the only one responsible for creating a great life. You can transform any situation by changing your thoughts and attitude in life.

Discover your negative patterns and

learn to manifest Abundance, Happiness and Peace.



Module 2 Personal Transformation

~ 3 hours ~

What is important to me?

We were born in an environment that shape who we are. These influences lead us to making choices and decisions that are not always in line with our best interest, leaving us feeling trapped and very unhappy sometimes.

Discover your prime values and your unconscious behaviors so you can access to success and happiness.



Module 3 Personal Transformation

~ 3 hours ~


Build Great confidence.

Through personality tests, you can better understand how you and your relatives function in order to make better choices in life. 

You will learn about your needs and how to communicate to meet them.

I will teach simple techniques to overcome your anxiety and boost your confidence.


Module 4 Personal Transformation

~ 3 hours ~

Seek positive influence.

We are all challenged by people and circumstances influencing our outcome in life.

Make the best choices that will benefit your evolution.

Learn to focus on your goals and use different tools to positively change your future. 



~ 10 hours ~


 Personal Transformation.

Life Transformation is a 4 module seminar guiding you through all the steps necessary for you to create a better life.

It is a life changing course based on Neurosciences, Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Mind Power.
# Empower yourself in order to improve every aspect of your life.
# Master your emotional, mental and physical balance. Clear emotional blocks.
# Break free of limitations.
# Define what you need and want in life and manifest it.
# Have more vitality, peace and happiness…and many more.

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~ 3 hours ~

Self-esteem and Independence.

Are you the "too good" person and get regularly upset for being  disrespected or not appreciated?

Learn to balance power and vulnerability and set healthy boundaries.  

We are all developing patterns according to our past experiences creating relationships issues.

Learn, introspect yourself and grow.


~ 2 hours each ~

Feet pressure points to heal.

Each organ is a centre of emotions and energy, by massaging the pressure points on your feet, you can help your body releasing toxins and heal. 


Ears pressure points to heal.

We have all the pressure points in our ears and can learn to massage and stimulate the points that need attention to heal.


Reflexology Therapy
Illustrated Rosemary
Class & workshops
~ 1 hour ~
Meditation is one of the best way to relax the mind and body as well as reduce stress.

It helps people to calm down their busy mind and regain balance, peace and serenity.

We can use breathing meditation to help to relax deeper, restore health and vitality.

Natural and controlled breathing meditation is an old technique used by the ancient monks.

It is believed to heal any disease if practice regularly. It replenishes your body with oxygen essential for our immune system, ensures detoxification, and helps regeneration functions.

Regular meditation practice is proved to improve your health and life in general. 

Yoga at Home

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“I have spent most of my life living with back pain, due to my profession as a International photo journalist for Newsweek Magazine and lugging around a heavy camera bag, I went to see Caroline for treatments. I can honestly say after only three sessions, the pain was history, gone, and an incredible freedom returned to my physical wellness.

Thank you Caroline!

~  Mark Peters ~

“Caroline has the ability to increase the energy of a body thats feels you want to drown oneself. Her skills as a professional person she will be able to reach the highest levels. A visit to her is worth it indeed.”

~ Marine Rankin ~